Monday, 7 November 2016

What Makes SpinnerChief 4 Ultimate Version Special?

SpinnerChief uses standard syntax for spinning (and nested spinning) so you can use the file created in SEO and SEM submissions. It also color codes the resulting source document so you can see the original text, synonyms and nests at a glance. Nested spinning is where one of the synonyms has its own set of options (synonyms within synonyms)

 SpinnerChief 4 Ultimate Version

Massive Thesaurus offering loads of synonyms for both single words and phrases. Synonyms are ranked in order of popularity top-down. You can also download custom Thesauruses and create your own for your favorite replacements. The Thesaursus is saved locally on your computer.

Fetch synonyms from the Google Keywords Tool - Great for SEO work as you will know which words are most popular with Google!

Identify Synonyms - auto select all the words that can be replaced. Go to Operations and click Identify Synonyms. Click Clear Format to undo this. You can Protect words and Keywords you don't want spun. Once you have identified the spinnable words you can go to Operations and choose Spin Article and watch the magic as SpinnerChief automatically prepares your document in spin format.

Batch Spin - is simply SpinnerChief on Auto-Pilot... simply point SpinnerChief at a folder of source articles and it will spin the ALL into as many variations as you choose.

Super Replace - SpinnerChief learns how you work and will automatically replace synonyms you have previously chosen, saving loads of time! Can be set to on or off.

Split and Merge - Split up your article into more manageable chunks ; either sentences or paragraphs.. all in separate tabs. Merge joins them back up again.

Sentence / Paragraph Mode - so you can rewrite Paragraphs or Sentences more easily

Import RTF or TXT files - You can paste text into the editing window. You can import text from an Rich Text Format source or a Text files.

Batch Compare - Once you have spun your article you can compare the Uniqueness of each to the original. This is important because Google is not stupid and can detect minor changes and class the article as Duplicate Content. To be safe you should check the finished work in CopyScape.

Article Submit - Simply add web addresses and your user/password combos and SpinnerChief will upload your articles to your favorite Blogs, EZines, PR Companies and Article Sites.

API - for developers call on the SpinnerChief API to auto-spin documents with and without braces formats.. and lots more!

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Saturday, 8 October 2016

SpinnerChief 4 Update Notification and SpinnerChief 5 Is Coming

Hi, everyone.

We have released an update for SpinnerChief 4 today. You can get the update from whitehatbox app automatically.

Here is the update details>>

  1. Fixed some spinning bugs.
  2. Improved spinning speed.


Another great news is that SpinnerChief 5 is in development, All SpinnerChief 4 users will be able to upgrade to SpinnerChief 5 freely. Stay tune!

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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Which Is The Best Free Article Spinner

As we know, many free article spinners appear in the market, but which is the best free article spinner? I think that SpinnerChief is the best because it provides the best functions and the most functions with cheapest price. But I want to say that it doesn't mean the other spinners are useless, get what most fits for your need in best.

There are many benefits you can get from article spinner. One of the benefits is that you can save both your time and your money. You do not need to write the articles by yourself. Neither do you need to hire a writer to rewrite a certain article for you. Another benefit is that you can get more visitors that are aimed for your website. Article Spinner can also help you to increase the number of inbound links.

How to get SpinnerChief 4 free version? Follow the following steps:
  • Step 1. Enter the website:, register an account.
  • Step 2. Click to download WhiteHatBox APP on the right up corner.
  • Step 3. Click whitehatboxsetup.exe to install the software.
  • Step 4. Run WhiteHatBox app, click "content software" on the left.
  • Step 5. Find SpinnerChief, download it.
  • Step 6. Click to run(you need to login with your username and password).
Check the interface of SpinnerChief 4 free version:

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Monday, 26 September 2016

Spinner Chief 4 Free Version v9.1.0

Spinner Chief 4 is the most powerful SEO tool and it can be an article rewriter(or content spinner). It may create hundreds of unique articles in a few minutes.

It will help that you escape the duplicated content scan/check from Google/Yahoo/Microsoft.

This software can simulate the search engine to analysis your article to extract the important keywords and phrase. This can help a lot to guarantee the rewrote article provides the same topic with your original article.

It gives you fully HTML support. Furthermore, it gives a lot of customized setting: font size, font family, color option.

Compared to TBS and WordAi, Spinner Chief 4 contains the most convenient to use UI, like office.

Spinner Chief 4 provides:

Manually Rewrite: you can pick the synonyms manually. Rewrite by phrase/sentence/paragraph.
Auto Rewrite: rewrite 1 article by click 1 button
Batch Rewrite: rewrite 100+ articles in seconds

It is important, it possesses a free version with just one difference in contrast to the paid version.

Download Spinner Chief 4 free version here:

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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Get The Most Legit SpinnerChief Coupon Code That Works

Are you confused by all these SpinnerChief Coupon Codes in the search engine? Whether you find most of the SpinnerChief Coupon Code sites are liars, or most of the SpinnerChief Coupon Codes did not work? Yes, SpinnerChief Coupon Code market messed up, but where to get the most legit SpinnerChief Coupon Code? Let tell you which are liars and which is real coupon site.

Liar 1
This site rank first in the search engine, they said that they have 50% SpinnerChief discount, actually they only have 30%, and it even did not work.

Liar 2
This site rank second, they are even more exaggerated, said that they have 65% SpinnerChief discount, actually they only have fake 30% SpinnerChief Coupon Code, it is only 20%.

Liar 3
This site rank third, they said they have 25% SpinnerChief discount, actually they only have fake 25% SpinnerChief Coupon Code, it is only 15%.

Liar 4
This site rank fifth, they said they have 40%-50% SpinnerChief discount, actually they didn't give out any coupon codes, you can not find any coupon codes on it's pages.

The Truth
There only exist 20% SpinnerChief discount, and it's the biggest SpinnerChief Coupon Code.

Finally, i must tell you this website is the most legit SpinnerChief Coupon Code site that offered by the SpinnerChief official site, and this is the official SpinnerChief coupon site which give the lastest SpinnerChief update news and coupon codes.

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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

SpinnerChief - The Most Cost-Effective Article Spinner

Are you still lingering and searching the best article spinner, which has high quality and but lower price? Here you come to the right place. Get SpinnerChief Coupon Code below the post!

SpinnerChief 4 is the latest article spinner after 3 generation update of SpinnerChief. SpinnerChief 4 can not only rewrite hundreds of new articles in minutes, it can rewrite one article to 10 unique articles in seconds at one time. The articles rewritten by SpinnerChief 4 is the most unique and human readable. SpinnerChief uses the best Natural Language Analysis and Artificial Intelligence techniques to rewrite your articles.

SpinnerChief Also Has Both Desktop and Web Version

When have SpinnerChief Web, you can use SpinnerChief anywhere. You can not only use it on your windows PC, but also on your MacBook, Ipad and Android System etc. SpinnerChief Web has most of the functions of the Desktop version, and it is the only article spinner that has both a desktop and a web version!

One Click to Get Readable and Unique New Articles

By using the latest cutting edge Statistical Replacement Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Part-Of-Speech analysis and Emulated Natural Language methods, SpinnerChief 4 can automatically generate content that is close to human quality.

Spin Sentence, Paragraph and Long Article Fully Automatically

SpinnerChief 4 can rewrite articles, paragraphs and sentences automatically, afterwards it can spin in word mode to create nested spun articles if you need.

Over 100,000 users contribute their new synonyms to our cloud thesaurus every day; our server collects and finds the best synonyms, then adds them into the Cloud, ready for other users to access. The cloud thesaurus supplies more than 20 languages!

The spin tree function makes manual paragraph and sentence spinning extremely simple

With SpinnerChief 4's spin tree function, manual spinning becomes clear and easy when you want to create ultimate spun and readable articles! All paragraphs and sentences are organized very well, you can locate, modify and spin them easily.

Batch-spin thousands of articles in minutes

The batch spin function in SpinnerChief 4 is very powerful, it can spin all the articles in any selected directory to readable and unique articles with just one click!

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Thursday, 11 August 2016

SpinnerChief Review - The Most Unique Article Spinner

Why there are so many people use SpinnerChief? Let's hear what our customers say:

Ilyas Sahi: "I have been using SpinnerChief since last month. I used many spinners before turning to SpinnerChief. To be honest, I was not expecting anything worthwhile from a free spinner but heck, I am amazed with its functions. I have uninstalled all the spinners from my computer except SpinnerChief because it is the way to go. "

Zaldy Dalisay: "One thing important in my business as seo provider is to generate unique content for my clients. I used to hire many writers to produce many articles manually costing me lots of time and money. Good thing that I learned about this great piece of software, now I can have many unique articles as I want with just a few clicks.The SpinnerChief team rocks! Highly recommended product"

Dan: "I found this software by mistake to be honest, but since I found it I keep using it every day. I re-write long articles in minutes, really. I recommend it with all my heart, because is one of the few products I am fully satisfied of!"

Ismunandar Bm: "I use not so long SpinnerChief, but quite satisfied with this software. Because, pretty much synonim. I even had time to think, I think this software is paid, to be honest until now no spinner of free software as good as this. I was greatly assisted by SpinnerChief. Thank and move forward. Sincerely,"

Regards, Anton K.: "This is my first experience in making articles and get a unique article. Easy to use and can used even for beginners. Of course this is very helpful to speed up my work. Thanks to the team for this free software. SpinnerChief software is very useful for me."

Jawad Rafique: "As an Internet Marketer I always need unique contents for my sites. SpinnerChief has really impressed me from the quality and unique content it provides. The most powerful thing is I get as much unique articles I want with only some clicks. If you want to rank your sites high then you really need this because search engines love quality and unique contents. I can't recommend it enough."

This is a brief comprehension about SpinnerChief, for more information, go to the official site

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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Don't Buy SpinnerChief Before Reading This Review

SoftBot Team welcomes you to SpinnerChief Review. First of all, we own this software, so, our review will be deep and honest. Let’s start with fast questions to us. “You = SoftBot Team”.

  • Are you use Paid or Free version? We use Paid version.
  • Is free version work good? Yes, But the benefits less.
  • Is it 100% perfect? No and we will tell you why.
  • Is this review written with SpinnerChief? Sure No, we can write in anything but SpinnerChief make our work more powerful and continuously.

Now, let’s start the review.

The Creator

Yi Nan Sun is the creator of SpinnerChief. The Yi Nan business start on 24/08/2010 and SpinnerChief is just one software from 16 different software’s and that’s mean there is big team behind this software. All software’s work to improve and increase the online marketing for your business and from our opinion there are really good and related to e-marketing content. We mention about other software’s because we believe in the specialization and Yi Nan Sun specialized in content field and for that other software’s work around content tools.

SpinnerChief Introduction

SpinnerChief get update continuously and when we bought our license it was version 3.0 under SpinnerChief 3 and nowadays we work on version 9.0.6 and when we written this review they announced that SpinnerChief 4 is very soon will be ready to work on it, that’s mean you will have new options forever.

The best thing ever is the Free version also get the updates, that’s mean, when you need to work with free version you will use latest version and get all features.

SpinnerChief 4 has been launched on 03.05.2015. We got our FREE upgrade from SpinnerChief 3 to SpinnerChief 4 “For Lifelong”.

You can work with SpinnerChief through Desktop and Web Version.

Free version: To download Free Version, you need to create account first and it’s absolutely free, they just need to be secure and watch them work.

As we mentioned above that we work on Paid version, so, we will set our steps as paid member but for Free member you will follow the same steps but your log in to software will be as free member.

There are two paid version, Elite Version and Ultimate Version.

  • Elite Version is one time fee: 127$.
  • Ultimate Version is one time fee OR pay per year: One Time Fee cost 197$ – Pay Per Year cost 77$.

We have One Time Fee Version “197$”. After we paid the cost and the money transfer process has successfully completed the webpage redirected to download details. Bottom of line here, it’s normal software steps but it’s so great because you will have permission to access to all software’s but under free method and sure we set our details about Paid SpinnerChief and worked as paid member.

SpinnerChief Features

As you can see in above photo, you have all software’s work as FREE but you need to activate your license first when you pay for each software individually. In left column they divided software’s in categories and it’s very useful to know where is your software located and about SpinnerChief is located under “Content Software”.

As we mentioned above, we now work with version 8.3.0 under SpinnerChief 3 and as you can see in photo above, SpinnerChief 4 is ready to download but we wait till last announced from developer team to know it’s stable. 

After that we click on Run button to move forward and as photos above you have to choose on of these options and we also choose Cloud Thesaurus because we prefer Super Spin. After click on OK, another popup windows will appear and you need to choose your language.

Almost all international languages will be there and we guess whatever is your native language, you will find it in SpinnerChief. They said languages are 20 languages but we saw more that that.
OK, now we will set basic and pivotal step in SpinnerChief and we will not harass you with more details that you will know when you use the software.

The Spin method: You need to have article to spin it and you can easily use ezinearticles and grab any article from it and the set this article as it is in New Article Tab, then choose your prefer options in Super Spin popup window. The options in photo above are our options and we will tell you trick, in Article Unique Setting, switch between three options which we set them in red box to have most unique article, these options are mathematics formals to have good and readable content, so if your content result be not unique, just set basic article again and start over with new method. This trick will let you deal with any content you have.

After that click on Super Spin button and the software will do his work. As you can see in above photo, the article was spin, then just click on Spin button.

Now, the big deal is begin. Again, the options in photo above are our options but please try and check other options to know more about it. Just click on Spin button again and the magic will happen. 

As you can see in photo above, the new article is born and it’s ready to work with it.

Now, and after all above information’s, we can set spin article as it’s?

No and never do it. Why? as we said before, the SpinnerChief software work on mathematics formulas to make article unique and readable, for that, do not ever take article after spin it and set it as it’s because you will face bad content and your visitors and reader will know that the article written by machine and will not visit you again and also your social accounts will be always zero and will not gain organic traffic from them.

So, what is the solution? Simply, read the article after spin it and check plagiarism. It’s logic and it’s not problem about software because from our experience, SpinnerChief and a little few software’s like it, could give you high results as SpinnerChief do. In normal life, You can not receive goods / services without verifying them. So, it’s same thing here, verify your article before you use it.

The rest of Features

Till now, we believe that we set basic and pivotal advantages and the rest of the benefits will be easy to deal with and will not occupy your mind with frequently details. Below we will put a number of these benefits.
  • Paragraph and sentence spin fully automatically.
  • Spin Tree.
  • Cloud Thesaurus.
  • Miracle Thesaurus.
  • Video Scraper.


Before we set our last opinion, we will set last questions to us. “You = SoftBot”.

Did you own another spin software?

Yes we are but it’s not like SpinnerChief “One Time Fee”, it’s monthly payment and we just do it because we didn’t like to be offline suddenly, In case any of the programs crashes, the other program been working, but we are 100% rely on SpinnerChief.

Why SpinnerChief and not another software?

SpinnerChief made partnerships with most famous and powerful spin tools in spin articles market, so, we realized that SpinnerChief will be part of them. Another thing is, we prefer One Time Fee rather than monthly fees. This our way of thinking, but the monthly payment has its advantages, too. Last thing is, SpinnerChief cost is not exaggerated, we guess and believe that, 197$ for one time is good for lifelong business “Our business”.

P.S. There is spin software cost about 500$ One Time Fee and for one license and we believe SpinnerChief is the best at the level of program quality and cost.

Bottom of line, SpinnerChief created to help content marketers and it’s stable and work good but it’s not 100% good and need to check and review each article because you work with machine. Free version looks good but Paid version is more useful and will give more tools to finish you work faster than ever.

If you are in the decision-making stage, we recommend SpinnerChief and because it saved us a lot of time. If you are interested in SpinnerChief, don't forget to use this SpinnerChief coupon code:whitehatbox20off, if not, just ignore this…

Visit official website of SpinnerChief.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

How to Rewrite Unique Articles

I have been doing SEO for 3 years, i know how important the content is for website SEO. Most people know that they have not so creative mind, and also not enough time to write 50 unique articles every day, which is the same to me. At first, i just use several different online translators to translate article to a different language, then use that language to translate back. So i can get a different article by this way, which is how i rewrite articles. Google almost knows every grammar rules of every language, i just make use of this.

Later on, i find this way can not work well, these articles can not pass the copyscape fully. And there appears a new software called article spinner which can rewrite article to unique one automatically. Now i have used article spinner for 2 years, what benefits it can give me? 
  1. Fast. Using article spinner can save me a lot of time, because it rewrites article automatically. 
  2. Unique. The articles rewritten by article spinner is much unique than i do ever before. 
  3. Cheap. The price is not so expensive, and i use little money to exchange high efficiency. 

Of all the article spinner, SpinnerChief gives me the best impression. It can rewrite one article to 10 new & unique articles with just one click, which only takes a few seconds. I can choose to rewrite my article to the most unique or the most human readable freely. I have checked a few good article spinner, SpinnerChief is the cheaper one along with high quality. I can't work without it right now, because it has played an important role in my work.

If you want to know more, visit here:
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Thursday, 21 July 2016

Which Is The Best Article Spinner

There are so many article spinner in the market like SpinnerChief, Wordai, Spin Rewriter, The Best Spinner etc, but there is no one article spinner like X-Spinner, i will tell you the reason as follow:

1. X-Spinner supply all third party software service which means you can rewrite countless articles with fast speed, best results and cheap price. X-Spinner gets its own API, which can use the SpinnerChief, Wordai, Spin Rewriter, The Best Spinner. It can be used on all existing software easily. Can you imagine that? You can use SpinnerChief, Wordai, Spin Rewriter and TBS, even without SpinnerChief, Wordai, Spin Rewriter and TBS account!

2. You can let your X-Spinner work on a server to have spinning service or combine with your own software. We have suppied the developer api which let you use X-Spinner function even without downloading X-Spinner software. Another secret that X-Spinner has shared the same spinning core to SpinnerChief that gives you the best spinning experience.

Just enjoy X-Spinner if fits you!

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Friday, 15 July 2016

How to Get a Lot of SEO Articles Fastly

When there are so many article spinner like SpinnerChief to rewrite articles, but there is another problem, where to get a lot of articles. Perhaps we need a kind of content/article scraper.

ContentBomb is this kind of article/content scraper, which is very powerful and smart. You can not only scrape anything from many content sources like article directories, google alert and rss, but also convert it into any formats, you can build a template and let ContentBomb output any format content. After you scrape and convert content, you can submit your customized content to your blog or site automatically now.

With ContentBomb, you will never worry about whether there is enough content to use for your site.

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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Top 5 Benefits of Using an Article Spinner

Even though there are numerous methods that one can use to maximize on online visibility, spinning articles is one of the most effective ways to go about it. Article spinning involves creating new and unique articles from an original one, and the spinning can be done through black, white, or gray hat methods. However, what matters most, in this instance, is to come up with unique and valuable content, and this boils down to the kind of software used.

While article spinning can be done manually, it’s always faster and more efficient to use article writing software such as SpinnerChief. In using an article rewriter, you can be able to create multiple quality versions of each article. In addition, you can be guaranteed of numerous additional benefits including the following:

5 Benefits of Using an Article Spinner

     1. Regardless of the kind of website you may be working on, you have to create meaningful content for the visitors to your site –such content will enable you to increase visibility on search engines. An article spinner can make it possible for you to produce this kind of content within a very short period of time.

     2. Online marketing is all about reaching the largest audiences; and this essentially begins with the amount of information you give on your site. The more the content you create, the higher the chances that you will get to a larger segment of your target audience. Through an article rewriter, you can come up with a great deal of content which you can use on your site and submit to article directories as well. By doing so, you can manage to build credibility and establish expertise no matter the niche you are in.

     3. When you want to get better rankings for your site, you have to come up with relevant content. Useful content will directly impact the number of people who will be able to see your site. In this regard, as long as you do the spinning correctly, you can be positive to make your way to the first or second pages of Google search results, or those of any other popular search engine. In short, article spinning can help you come up with more content that will subsequently improve your site rankings.

     4. When you are not using an article writing software, article marketing can take a lot of your time and even limit you from promoting your product as required .By using software such as SpinnerChief, however, you can let the article writing software create unique content for you while you focus on distributing your articles on relevant sites. This will enable you to post the content in a better way, and as a result, traffic to your site will increase.

     5. Spun articles can also be very helpful when used in building backlinks. Through article spinning, you can be certain to distribute unique articles, each of which will help build back links without difficulty. Even so, when using an article rewriter for such purposes, there are a number of things you need to factor in. First, you shouldn’t use your spun articles until the original ones have been indexed. Also, even as you use the software, you should check through the content to ensure that it has been adequately spun. By checking on such things, you will get good results from each article you come up with.

Why Do I Use SpinnerChief?

The uniqueness of the articles you create depends on the amount of spinning you do. The more exhaustive the spinning, the better the results you are set to obtain, and this is why SpinnerChief makes the best alternative when it comes to article spinners. Through this article writing software, you can get your content spun aggressively — you can spin whole paragraphs and even deal with complicated article constructions.

In addition, search engines are very likely to use title tags and anchor texts to detect duplicated content; but with SpinnerChief, you can spin the titles in all your articles to ensure that they appear fully unique to the different search engines. Therefore, if you want to take full advantage of online marketing, you should consider using SpinnerChief to achieve the most desirable results.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Top 33 Free SEO Tools Bundled with WhiteHatBox

Not long ago I fell into my problem where there are a lot of new free SEO software.  This time from the stables WhiteHatBox, there are more than 50 applications, including 33 full free, others are available in 2 versions - commercial and limited functional free trial. All tools centralized management panel WhiteHatBox. It is worth noting that the majority of them are desktop tools, some of them extremely useful in our daily work. If you do not know toolmakers WhiteHatBox, it's time to know it !

View management panel / run WhiteHatBox ...

What tools are part of WhiteHatBox?

  1. Alexa Rank Comparison
  2. AlexaRankChecker
  3. Backlink Checker
  4. Backlink Maker
  5. Broken Links Checker
  6. Class C IP Checker
  7. Code to Text Ratio Checker
  8. Domain Age Checker
  9. Domain Authority Checker
  10. Domain IP Lookup
  11. Google Cache Checker
  12. Google Index Checker
  13. Google PageRank Checker
  14. IP Address Location
  15. Keyword Density Checker
  16. Keyword Position
  17. Link Checker Count
  18. Link Tracker
  19. Meta Tags Analyzer
  20. MozRank Checker
  21. Page Speed ​​Test
  22. Pingler
  23. Reverse IP Domain Check
  24. Server Status Checker
  25. Sitemap Generator
  26. Spell Checker
  27. Spider Simulator
  28. Text Comparison Search
  29. Web Page Comparison Tool
  30. Website Page Size Checker
  31. Webste Page Snooper
  32. What Is My IP
  33. Whois Checker

Most of the tools in the package is similar to each interface. Programs can not overthrow on the knee looks, but they work quite well. What may irritate, the separation of all the tools and the need to download each one separately, absolutely could use a function of mass downloads.

Other interesting tools in the package:

  1. X-Spinner
  2. DuplicateSniper
  3. EmailScraperChief
  4. ProxySpider

At the mention it deserves still lack the data export function, unfortunately, in many tools, data export is limited to copying data from the grid. The author thought of multi-threading, and forgot about the key features that give meaning to some tools. Well ... programmer also human and can sometimes forget the essential function. Whatever the shortcomings of all programs should test.

At the end of a couple of shots ...

WhiteHatBox can be downloaded from here.

If want to buy some paid software from WhiteHatBox, copy this coupon code:whitehatbox20off, which will save you a lot of money.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Why I Choose SpinnerChief?

There are so many article spinners/rewriters, why i choose SpinnerChief? There are 3 reasons as follow:

  • Fast

SpinnerChief 4 can spin/rewrite hundreds of new articles in minutes, it even spin/rewrites one article to 10 new articles in seconds. SpinnerChief has updated to the fourth version, it has undergone 5 years research to be more powerful than ever before. SpinnerChief is faster than Wordai, Spin Rewriter and The Best Spinner after my test on all of them. 

  • Unique

SpinnerChief 4 can spin/rewrite articles to the most human readable and unique, it has applied the best natural language analysis and artificial intelligence techniques to restructure your articles. SpinnerChief 4 has super-advanced functions such as auto-grammar fix, for example it will correct "a apple" to "an apple," SpinnerChief 4 can spin the sentence, paragraph and generate nested spun article fully automatically. 

Its thesaurus is based on Cloud technology, it is created by all SpinnerChief users and it is getting better and better every day. The Cloud thesaurus supports more than 20 languages! All these above make SpinnerChief more unique than Spin Rewriter and The Best Spinner.

  • Cheap

SpinnerChief 4 just cost $34 for per month, which is cheaper than Wordai $49.95 per month, cheaper than Spin Rewriter $37.00 per month. There are also free version and $7 for 3 days trial.

Official site offer special 20% off:whitehatbox20off