Friday, 24 February 2017

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Hello, all WhiteHatBox users!

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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

SpinnerChief Rewrites the Most Human Readable and Unique Articles

SpinnerChief 4 is an article spinning software which can rewrite content, it can rewrite the most human readable and unique articles.

It has used the best natural language analysis and artificial intelligence techniques to understand the articles, which is similar to how search engines are checking your articles.

At present, there are more than 100,000 people using this article spinner to create/spin content.

SpinnerChief can spin the sentences/paragraphs as well as it can batch spin articles completely automatically in selected files.

There are 3 different versions: Free, Elite and Ultimate version. Different version have different features, i am going to introduce the features of SpinnerChief Ultimate Version.

SpinnerChief 4 Ultimate Version Freatures

The SpinnerChief 4 Ultimate Version includes all of the Free Version & Elite Version features, although instead of the Elite API you have access to the much better SpinnerChief 4 Ultimate API to use with all kinds of content creation software.

More ultimate features:

Ultimate API-Access – Free access to their SpinnerChief 4 Ultimate API to use their service with other Apps.

Super Spin – The Ultimate Version also includes the Super Spin feature which rewrites articles to a pretty high level human readability and uniqueness using natural language analysis and AI techniques.

Auto Spin – The function can fully automatically spin sentence and paragraphs, which is also only available in the Ultimate Version.

Spin Tree – The SpinnerChief 4 Ultimate also have the Spin Tree function, which makes manual paragraph and sentence spinning much easier.

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Monday, 7 November 2016

What Makes SpinnerChief 4 Ultimate Version Special?

SpinnerChief uses standard syntax for spinning (and nested spinning) so you can use the file created in SEO and SEM submissions. It also color codes the resulting source document so you can see the original text, synonyms and nests at a glance. Nested spinning is where one of the synonyms has its own set of options (synonyms within synonyms)

 SpinnerChief 4 Ultimate Version

Massive Thesaurus offering loads of synonyms for both single words and phrases. Synonyms are ranked in order of popularity top-down. You can also download custom Thesauruses and create your own for your favorite replacements. The Thesaursus is saved locally on your computer.

Fetch synonyms from the Google Keywords Tool - Great for SEO work as you will know which words are most popular with Google!

Identify Synonyms - auto select all the words that can be replaced. Go to Operations and click Identify Synonyms. Click Clear Format to undo this. You can Protect words and Keywords you don't want spun. Once you have identified the spinnable words you can go to Operations and choose Spin Article and watch the magic as SpinnerChief automatically prepares your document in spin format.

Batch Spin - is simply SpinnerChief on Auto-Pilot... simply point SpinnerChief at a folder of source articles and it will spin the ALL into as many variations as you choose.

Super Replace - SpinnerChief learns how you work and will automatically replace synonyms you have previously chosen, saving loads of time! Can be set to on or off.

Split and Merge - Split up your article into more manageable chunks ; either sentences or paragraphs.. all in separate tabs. Merge joins them back up again.

Sentence / Paragraph Mode - so you can rewrite Paragraphs or Sentences more easily

Import RTF or TXT files - You can paste text into the editing window. You can import text from an Rich Text Format source or a Text files.

Batch Compare - Once you have spun your article you can compare the Uniqueness of each to the original. This is important because Google is not stupid and can detect minor changes and class the article as Duplicate Content. To be safe you should check the finished work in CopyScape.

Article Submit - Simply add web addresses and your user/password combos and SpinnerChief will upload your articles to your favorite Blogs, EZines, PR Companies and Article Sites.

API - for developers call on the SpinnerChief API to auto-spin documents with and without braces formats.. and lots more!

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Saturday, 8 October 2016

SpinnerChief 4 Update Notification and SpinnerChief 5 Is Coming

Hi, everyone.

We have released an update for SpinnerChief 4 today. You can get the update from whitehatbox app automatically.

Here is the update details>>

  1. Fixed some spinning bugs.
  2. Improved spinning speed.


Another great news is that SpinnerChief 5 is in development, All SpinnerChief 4 users will be able to upgrade to SpinnerChief 5 freely. Stay tune!

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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Which Is The Best Free Article Spinner

As we know, many free article spinners appear in the market, but which is the best free article spinner? I think that SpinnerChief is the best because it provides the best functions and the most functions with cheapest price. But I want to say that it doesn't mean the other spinners are useless, get what most fits for your need in best.

There are many benefits you can get from article spinner. One of the benefits is that you can save both your time and your money. You do not need to write the articles by yourself. Neither do you need to hire a writer to rewrite a certain article for you. Another benefit is that you can get more visitors that are aimed for your website. Article Spinner can also help you to increase the number of inbound links.

How to get SpinnerChief 4 free version? Follow the following steps:
  • Step 1. Enter the website:, register an account.
  • Step 2. Click to download WhiteHatBox APP on the right up corner.
  • Step 3. Click whitehatboxsetup.exe to install the software.
  • Step 4. Run WhiteHatBox app, click "content software" on the left.
  • Step 5. Find SpinnerChief, download it.
  • Step 6. Click to run(you need to login with your username and password).
Check the interface of SpinnerChief 4 free version:

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Monday, 26 September 2016

Spinner Chief 4 Free Version v9.1.0

Spinner Chief 4 is the most powerful SEO tool and it can be an article rewriter(or content spinner). It may create hundreds of unique articles in a few minutes.

It will help that you escape the duplicated content scan/check from Google/Yahoo/Microsoft.

This software can simulate the search engine to analysis your article to extract the important keywords and phrase. This can help a lot to guarantee the rewrote article provides the same topic with your original article.

It gives you fully HTML support. Furthermore, it gives a lot of customized setting: font size, font family, color option.

Compared to TBS and WordAi, Spinner Chief 4 contains the most convenient to use UI, like office.

Spinner Chief 4 provides:

Manually Rewrite: you can pick the synonyms manually. Rewrite by phrase/sentence/paragraph.
Auto Rewrite: rewrite 1 article by click 1 button
Batch Rewrite: rewrite 100+ articles in seconds

It is important, it possesses a free version with just one difference in contrast to the paid version.

Download Spinner Chief 4 free version here:

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Sunday, 4 September 2016

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