Thursday, 28 July 2016

How to Rewrite Unique Articles

I have been doing SEO for 3 years, i know how important the content is for website SEO. Most people know that they have not so creative mind, and also not enough time to write 50 unique articles every day, which is the same to me. At first, i just use several different online translators to translate article to a different language, then use that language to translate back. So i can get a different article by this way, which is how i rewrite articles. Google almost knows every grammar rules of every language, i just make use of this.

Later on, i find this way can not work well, these articles can not pass the copyscape fully. And there appears a new software called article spinner which can rewrite article to unique one automatically. Now i have used article spinner for 2 years, what benefits it can give me? 
  1. Fast. Using article spinner can save me a lot of time, because it rewrites article automatically. 
  2. Unique. The articles rewritten by article spinner is much unique than i do ever before. 
  3. Cheap. The price is not so expensive, and i use little money to exchange high efficiency. 

Of all the article spinner, SpinnerChief gives me the best impression. It can rewrite one article to 10 new & unique articles with just one click, which only takes a few seconds. I can choose to rewrite my article to the most unique or the most human readable freely. I have checked a few good article spinner, SpinnerChief is the cheaper one along with high quality. I can't work without it right now, because it has played an important role in my work.

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